About Us

Sindonis London is a fresh, new brand that creates natural, high-quality (hair)care products to give you the best source of (hair) health products available. Availability of care products for everyone is very important to our brand. That’s why it is our mission to create and curate haircare products for every hairtype, so you can enjoy healthier hair and a better life much more easily.

Sindonis London is created by the need for quality and honest products, that nurture you in a safe and comfortable way and making those readily available for everyone. We want to take the difficulty away of finding the right (hair)care products that is perfect for you.

Because of our own experiences, where it was difficult and tiresome to get our hands on the right hair products for our hairtypes, we decided to create our Sindonis product line. Because high-quality, natural hair products for every hairtype, should be available for everyone.

We have created quality hair care products, made with unique and powerful formulas with the safest and cleanest ingredients. We offer full transparency about the source of our ingredients, because you deserve to know what you put in your hair.

With our natural, genuine and honest approach, we want to provide you with our carefully created products. We want to give you the opportunity to create healthier hair without any hassle, setting you up to live a happier life in a happier body. Because happier people, make a happier world.